• Sirius-S: The Featherweight Champion at 48g

    Speed is the name of the game. At a mind-boggling 48 grams, the Sirius-S is the epitome of lightweight design, providing you with an edge when every millisecond counts. This compact dynamo is perfect for gamers who demand quick and agile movements.

  • Sirius-M: A Lightweight Powerhouse at 54g

    Are you all about control and precision? The Sirius-M, weighing an incredible 54 grams, brings you agility like never before. Its slightly larger frame accommodates a wider range of grip styles while retaining the ultra-light essence that defines the series. An indispensable tool for gamers who require both comfort and speed.

The Honeycomb Advantage

Had enough of heavy, cumbersome mice weighing you down? Starting at just 48g, our honeycomb design slashes unnecessary weight, offering unparalleled agility. Experience effortless glides, precise flicks, and pro-level frags without breaking a sweat.


No matter which hand you game with, the Sirius Series has you covered. With a fully ambidextrous design, we offer unmatched comfort and versatility for every grip style and hand orientation. Game your way, without compromise.


Stop dragging and start gliding! Outfitted with PTFE feet, these mice offer frictionless movement for pixel-perfect aim and rapid maneuvers. When the game's on the line, you'll want Sirius on your side.

Technical Specifications

Model Name Sirius-S Sirius-M
Weight 48g (±2g) 54g (±2g)
Length 116 mm 121.7 mm
Width 53 mm 61.7 mm
Height 35.6 mm 37.8 mm
Sensor / Max DPI  Available in  Pixart 3360 ( 12,000 dpi) / Pixart 3389 ( 16,000 dpi)
Polling Rate 1ms ( 1kHz)
Buttons 6
Main Switches Omron 20M
Coating Matte
Feets White PTFE
On-board memory 5 profiles
Requirements Windows 7 or later
Package content 1 * Sirius Gaming Mouse , 1 * Extra Skates , 1 * Anti Slip Grips , 1 * Dust Cover