• Anti-Slip Texture

    The doubleshot shine-through keycaps are designed for gamers and those seeking extra grip on frequently used keys, thanks to their rubberized finish with an anti-slip diamond texture.

  • Performance

    Enhance your gaming performance with improved grip and control, ideal for pro players in any gaming scenario.

  • 23 Keys

    The 23-key set includes crucial gaming keys such as ESC, number keys 1-6, QWER, ASDF, ZXCV, and arrow keys.

  • Standard MX Switches

    Rubber keyset arecompatible with both ANSI US and ISO European layouts, but not compatible with Low Profile switches.

Diamond Texture

Diamond texture provides an anti-slip grip, enhancing control and precision during intense gaming sessions.

OEM Profile

OEM profile keycaps provide a comfortable typing experience and are compatible with most mechanical switches.

23 Keys

23-key gaming set covers the most commonly used keys for gaming, including WASD, arrow keys, and essential keys.

Technical Specifications

Model Name Rubberized
Number of Keys 23
Compatible with All keyboards ( MX Switches)
Layout ANSI + ISO
Keycaps Material TPR + ABS
Keycaps Printing Method Doubleshot
Keycaps Font Closed Font
Keycaps Profile OEM
Keycaps Thickness 1.4mm
Shinethru Yes
Box Content Rubberized Keycaps + Keypuller