• Naos-M: Feather-Light Agility at 59g

    Weighing in at just 59 grams, the Naos-M sets a new standard for lightweight performance. Its honeycomb shell ensures rapid, fatigue-free gameplay, allowing you to execute quick flicks effortlessly. And don’t overlook the RGB LED strip on the side, adding that extra touch of style to your gameplay.

  • Naos-L: Full-Grip Comfort Weighing Just 63g

    At a mere 63 grams, the Naos-L offers a surprisingly lightweight yet full-bodied grip. The honeycomb shell cuts weight without sacrificing durability, enabling you to maintain your edge even in the most intense gaming sessions. Like its sibling, the Naos-L also features a side-mounted RGB LED strip to light up your battlestation.

The Honeycomb Advantage

Tired of dragging around a brick? Our honeycomb design cuts the fluff, offering you ninja-like agility. Glide, flick, and frag like a pro without ever breaking a sweat.


Righty or lefty, the Naos Series doesn't discriminate. We've gone full ambidextrous, meaning top-tier comfort and versatility no matter your grip or handedness. Get ready to game on your terms.


Stop dragging and start gliding! Outfitted with PTFE feet, these mice offer frictionless movement for pixel-perfect aim and rapid maneuvers. When the game's on the line, you'll want Naos on your side.

Technical Specifications

Model Name Mira-S Mira-M
Weight 61g (±2g) 63g (±2g)
Length 114 mm 124 mm
Width 60.3 mm 64 mm
Height 40mm
Sensor / Max DPI  Available in Pixart 3327 (6200dpi) / Pixart 3360 ( 12,000 dpi) / Pixart 3389 ( 16,000 dpi)
Polling Rate 1ms ( 1kHz)
Buttons 6
Main Switches Omron 50M
RGB Scroll Wheel
Coating Matte
Feets White PTFE
On-board memory 5 profiles
Requirements Windows 7 or later
Package content 1 * Mira  Gaming Mouse , 1 * Extra Skates , 1 * Anti Slip Grips , 1 * Dust Cover