• Mira-XS: Precision Engineered for Speed

    Designed for gamers with smaller hands, the Mira-XS retains the compact form of the Mira-S but at an astonishingly light 51g. Experience unmatched control and the ability to execute rapid maneuvers and precise flick shots, thanks to its featherlight construction and high-performance sensor.

  • Mira-XM: Elevating Precision, Redefining Lightness

    At just 56g, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and control, embodying the essence of agility and precision. Designed for gamers who seek the familiar feel of the Mira M but demand even faster, more fluid movement, the Mira-XM is your ally in the quest for gaming excellence.

Technical Specifications

Model Name Mira-XS Mira-XM
Weight 51g (±2g) 56g (±2g)
Length 114 mm 124 mm
Width 60.3 mm 64 mm
Height 40mm
Sensor / Max DPI  Pixart 3360 ( 12,000 dpi)
Polling Rate XM1/XS1: 1ms ( 1kHz) | XM2/XS2: 0.5ms ( 2kHz) | XM4/XS4: 0.25ms ( 4kHz)
Buttons 6
Main Switches XM1/XS1: Omron 20M | XM2/XM4/XS2/XS4: Optical Microswitches
Coating Matte
Feets White PTFE
On-board memory 5 profiles
Requirements Windows 7 or later
Package content 1 * Mira X Series Gaming Mouse , 1 * Extra Skates , 1 * Anti Slip Grips , 1 * Dust Cover