TTC Switches: The Quiet Rise of a New Competitor

TTC Switches: The Quiet Rise of a New Competitor


As the mechanical keyboard market continues to evolve, TTC switches have quietly made a name for themselves. While Cherry MX switches have long been the industry standard, new entrants like TTC are challenging the norm. The question arises: Are TTC switches just another clone, or do they offer something new?


For years, Cherry MX switches have set the standard in the mechanical keyboard world. However, the expiration of several key patents has allowed other companies, like TTC, to enter the competitive arena.

Reception in the Market

Although not as well-known as Cherry or Gateron, TTC switches have been quietly gaining traction. Their unique features and actuation points have garnered a loyal following among some keyboard enthusiasts.

Features and Advantages

  • Unique Actuation: TTC switches offer different actuation points, providing a unique typing experience.
  • Affordability: TTC switches are priced competitively, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious users.
  • Reliability: While not as renowned as other brands, TTC has proven to be reliable, further enriching the mechanical keyboard market.


Though TTC switches may not have the widespread recognition of some competitors, their unique features and competitive pricing make them a contender worth considering. The mechanical keyboard world is clearly diversifying, and TTC is a part of that change.

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