The Sound and Feel of Keycaps: Thickness Matters

The Sound and Feel of Keycaps: Thickness Matters


As the mechanical keyboard community grows, so does the conversation about the minutiae that make each keyboard unique. One aspect that's often overlooked is the thickness of keycaps. In this article, we'll delve into why thickness matters when it comes to both the sound and feel of your keys.

Why Thickness Matters

Thicker keycaps often produce a more resonant, "thock" sound when compared to their thinner counterparts. The added mass also provides a different tactile feel, potentially improving your typing experience.

Thickness and Materials

  • ABS: Generally thinner, offering a lighter, higher-pitched sound.
  • PBT: Usually thicker, delivering a deeper, more satisfying "thock."

How to Measure Keycap Thickness

Measuring the thickness of your keycaps can be done using calipers. Knowing this measurement can help you make a more informed decision when selecting keycaps.


Keycap thickness is more than just a trivial detail; it plays a significant role in how your keyboard both sounds and feels. While material like PBT and ABS often come into the conversation, remember that thickness also contributes to your overall experience.

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