The Rise and Fall of Clicky Switches: A Retrospective

The Rise and Fall of Clicky Switches: A Retrospective


Clicky switches, once a hallmark of the mechanical keyboard experience, have seen a roller-coaster ride in their popularity. This retrospective explores the rise, peak, and decline of clicky switches in mechanical keyboards.

The Early Days

Clicky switches gained initial popularity due to their tactile and auditory feedback, which many users found satisfying.

The Peak Popularity

  • Distinctive Sound: The clicky noise became synonymous with high-performance typing.
  • Tactile Feedback: Clicky switches provided tactile feedback that users loved.

The Decline

Over time, the trend has shifted towards quieter and faster actuation switches, causing a decline in the demand for clicky switches.

HK GAMING and Clicky Switches

At HK GAMING, we have seen this trend play out among our customer base. While we still offer clicky switches, the demand for more versatile and quieter options has increased.


While clicky switches are not entirely obsolete, their golden era seems to have passed. Brands like HK GAMING are adapting by offering a broader range of switch options to meet evolving consumer needs.

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