The Arrival of Gateron Switches: Clones or Worthy Contenders?

The Arrival of Gateron Switches: Clones or Worthy Contenders?


Gateron has recently entered the mechanical keyboard switch market, and their MX-style switches are generating quite the buzz. However, as Cherry's patents have either expired or are nearing their end, the question arises: Are Gateron switches mere clones or do they bring something new to the table?

The Background

Cherry MX switches have long dominated the mechanical keyboard industry, but their patents' upcoming expirations have paved the way for competitors. Gateron is among the first to step up to the plate.

Gateron’s Reception

Although many initially viewed Gateron switches as Cherry MX clones, the emerging consensus suggests that they are more than that. Early adopters praise Gateron for their smooth keypress and cost-effectiveness.

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth Key Press: Gateron switches are often cited as smoother than their Cherry MX counterparts.
  • Price Point: Offering a more affordable option without sacrificing quality, Gateron is winning over budget-conscious consumers.
  • Compatibility: These switches are compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards, widening consumer choices.


While some may dismiss Gateron switches as mere clones of Cherry MX switches, the early market response suggests that they are indeed worthy contenders. With their smooth keypress and attractive pricing, Gateron switches are carving out their own niche in the mechanical keyboard industry.

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