The Appeal of Rubberized Keycaps

The Appeal of Rubberized Keycaps


For mechanical keyboard enthusiasts looking to level up their gaming or typing experience, rubberized keycaps with 23 keys and TPR diamond texture are a fascinating option. In this article, we delve into why these unique keycaps are worth your attention.

What Are Rubberized Keycaps?

Rubberized keycaps are made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and come with a diamond texture, typically available as 23-key sets. They provide a soft, yet grippy surface, offering a different tactile experience compared to traditional keycaps.

Why Choose Rubberized Keycaps?

Here’s what sets rubberized keycaps apart:

  • Tactile Advantage: The diamond texture gives you added grip and tactile feedback.
  • Enhanced Control: The 23-key set focuses on keys commonly used in gaming, enhancing your gameplay.
  • Customization: Available in different colors, rubberized keycaps add a unique aesthetic to your setup.

Things to Consider

When opting for rubberized keycaps, ensure compatibility with your mechanical keyboard and be prepared for a different tactile feel compared to conventional keycaps.


For users who crave tactile feedback and better control, rubberized keycaps featuring 23 keys and TPR diamond texture offer an intriguing alternative. They are well-suited for gamers and typists looking for a unique and responsive keycap experience.

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