Outemu Switches: A New Contender in Mechanical Switches

Outemu Switches: A New Contender in Mechanical Switches


The mechanical keyboard market is no stranger to competition, especially with the entry of new switch manufacturers like Outemu. With Cherry MX patents mostly expired, the question is: are Outemu switches mere knock-offs, or do they bring something new to the table?


Cherry MX switches have long been the standard in the mechanical keyboard industry. However, with several key patents expiring, companies like Outemu have entered the fray, looking to challenge the status quo.

Market Reception

Outemu switches have sparked debate among keyboard enthusiasts. While some dismiss them as budget Cherry MX clones, others find their unique characteristics and affordability appealing.

Features and Advantages

  • Price Point: Outemu switches are among the most budget-friendly options available.
  • Durability: Despite their lower price point, Outemu switches don't compromise much on build quality.
  • Variety: Outemu offers a range of switches with varying actuation forces and characteristics, providing more options for consumers.


While Outemu switches might initially be perceived as mere Cherry MX clones, their features and competitive pricing make them worthy of consideration. The mechanical keyboard landscape is certainly richer with more options for consumers to explore.

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