Keycap Profiles Uncovered: OEM, Cherry, XDA, DSA, KAT, SA

Keycap Profiles Uncovered: OEM, Cherry, XDA, DSA, KAT, SA


Keycap profiles significantly influence the feel and sound of your typing experience. With profiles ranging from OEM to Cherry, and from DSA to KAT and SA, there's a lot to consider. This article aims to help you navigate the landscape of keycap profiles.

OEM: The Default Experience

OEM profile keycaps are often what you'll find on most consumer-grade mechanical keyboards. They are a good starting point but are usually not the go-to for enthusiasts.

Cherry: The Professional's Choice

Cherry profile keycaps offer a lower profile compared to OEM and are often favored for their typing feel.

XDA: Flat and Uniform

XDA profile keycaps offer a flat, uniform surface, which some typists prefer for speed and accuracy.

DSA: The Middle Ground

DSA profile keycaps provide a more uniform feel, suitable for those who want a more consistent touch across different rows.

KAT: Customization at Its Best

KAT profile keycaps are known for their deep dish design, allowing for a range of customizations and thematic designs.

SA: The Retro Feel

SA profile keycaps have a high profile and a spherical touch surface, reminiscent of vintage keyboards.


When it comes to choosing a keycap profile, it's all about personal preference. Each profile has its merits and drawbacks, and the best way to find your fit is through experimentation. So go ahead, switch it up!

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