Keycap Profiles Explained: OEM, Cherry, and Beyond

Keycap Profiles Explained: OEM, Cherry, and Beyond


The world of mechanical keyboards is not just about the switches; keycaps play a crucial role too. Among the most hotly debated topics is the question of keycap profiles. This article dives deep into OEM, Cherry, and other popular keycap profiles to help you find your ideal typing experience.

What Are Keycap Profiles?

Keycap profiles refer to the shape, height, and slope of the keycaps. Different profiles offer various advantages, depending on your typing style and application.

Common Keycap Profiles

  • OEM: The most common profile, often found in mainstream keyboards.
  • Cherry: Slightly shorter than OEM, provides a comfortable and efficient typing experience.
  • XDA, DSA, KAT, SA: These profiles vary in height and curvature, offering a range of typing experiences.

Comparing Keycap Profiles

Profile Height Typing Angle Best For
OEM Medium Various General Use
Cherry Low Neutral Typing
XDA Low Flat Custom Builds


Understanding keycap profiles is crucial for optimizing your typing or gaming setup. While OEM and Cherry are among the most popular, don't hesitate to explore other profiles to find what suits you best.

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