Kailh Switches Enter the Scene: Clone or Contender?

Kailh Switches Enter the Scene: Clone or Contender?


The mechanical keyboard landscape is continually evolving, and the entry of Kailh switches has certainly stirred the pot. As another contender entering after the expiration of some key Cherry MX patents, Kailh raises the question: are they simply riding on Cherry’s coattails, or do they have something new to offer?

The Backdrop

Cherry's MX switches have been the go-to for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts for years. But with patents expiring, the market is ripe for new entrants. Enter Kailh, with their MX-style switches.

Market Reception

Initial reception to Kailh switches was somewhat divided. While some viewed them as another clone of Cherry MX switches, others praised their innovations in actuation and affordability.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovation: Kailh has introduced minor adjustments in actuation points, offering a slightly different feel.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Like Gateron, Kailh switches come at a more affordable price point, attracting a new subset of mechanical keyboard users.
  • Choices: Kailh has produced a variety of switch types, offering consumers more choices.


While it's easy to label Kailh switches as just another Cherry MX clone, their entry adds a layer of complexity to the mechanical keyboard switch market. They bring new innovations and cost-saving options, challenging the notion that they're mere imitators.

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