Introduction to Custom Keycaps: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Custom Keycaps: A Beginner’s Guide


If you're new to the world of mechanical keyboards, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of customization options available. One of the most fun and accessible ways to personalize your keyboard is through custom keycaps. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore the basics of custom keycaps, their types, and why they matter.

Why Custom Keycaps?

Keycaps can dramatically change both the look and feel of your keyboard. Whether it's a particular color scheme you're after or you want to improve the tactile sensation of each keystroke, custom keycaps offer a myriad of possibilities.

Types of Keycaps

  • ABS: These are the most common type of keycaps found on stock keyboards. They are generally cheaper but tend to wear out and shine faster.
  • PBT: Known for their durability, PBT keycaps are resistant to shine and offer a different texture than ABS.
  • POM and PC: Less common materials that each have unique characteristics. POM is known for its smooth texture, whereas PC keycaps are generally clear and used for backlighting.

Profiles: OEM, Cherry, and More

Different keycap profiles affect the angle and height at which your fingers hit the keys. Some common profiles include OEM, Cherry, and SA, among others. It's all about finding what's most comfortable for you.

Color Schemes and Themes

The sky's the limit when it comes to color schemes. From solid colors to intricate designs and legends, you can truly make a keyboard your own with the right set of keycaps.


Custom keycaps are an excellent way to begin your journey into the world of mechanical keyboards. Whether you are looking for aesthetics, comfort, or both, the right set of keycaps can make a significant difference. While it might seem overwhelming at first, this guide should help you take that first step towards a more personalized typing experience.

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