Introducing Cherry MX RGB Switches: The Next Level in Mechanical Keyboards

Introducing Cherry MX RGB Switches: The Next Level in Mechanical Keyboards


Just when you thought Cherry MX switches couldn't get any better, they introduce the Cherry MX RGB switches. These switches bring customizable RGB lighting to the tried-and-true mechanical switch technology Cherry is famous for. Let's dive into what makes these switches a game-changer.

What Are Cherry MX RGB Switches?

Cherry MX RGB switches are an evolution of the standard Cherry MX switches, incorporating RGB lighting that can be customized to suit your aesthetic preferences or even to provide functional benefits, like setting specific keys to glow differently for gaming or coding tasks.


  • Customizable RGB Lighting: Tailor your keyboard's lighting to your mood, game, or workspace.
  • Quality of Cherry MX: Enjoy the reliable actuation and lifespan you've come to expect from Cherry MX switches.
  • Compatibility: These switches can be found in a variety of keyboards, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Benefits for Gamers and Typists

Not only do these switches provide a personalized aesthetic appeal, but they can also be beneficial for both gaming and typing tasks. The RGB lighting can be programmed for specific in-game tasks or coding shortcuts, enhancing functionality as well as form.


The introduction of Cherry MX RGB switches has opened up a new dimension in the world of mechanical keyboards. With the same reliability as their non-RGB counterparts, plus the added flair of customizable lighting, these switches offer the best of both worlds.

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