HK GAMING GK61 Hits 3 Million Units Sold Amidst Unprecedented Times

HK GAMING GK61 Hits 3 Million Units Sold Amidst Unprecedented Times


We are elated to announce another milestone—3 million units of the HK GAMING GK61 have now been sold! This comes amidst a year full of surprises and challenges, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Pandemic Impact

We acknowledge the substantial boost the pandemic has given to computer peripheral sales globally. While this boom was entirely unexpected, it's crucial to recognize the difficult circumstances that we all are navigating. We sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and taking all necessary precautions.

Dynamic Growth

It's incredible how swiftly we reached the 3 million mark, especially considering the jump from 2 to 3 million units occurred in just eight months. The GK61 has seen an additional surge in sales thanks to the introduction of new layouts, including a Russian version, making it even more accessible to users worldwide.


We owe a massive thank you to our community and customers. Your undying support and feedback have helped us fine-tune the GK61 into the remarkable product it is today.

Looking Ahead

Even as we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to ongoing innovation and quality. The GK61 will continue to evolve, offering more features and layouts to meet the diverse needs of our global audience.


Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support means the world to us, and we look forward to bringing you even more groundbreaking products in the future.

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