HK GAMING GK61: Celebrating 4 Million Units Sold!

HK GAMING GK61: Celebrating 4 Million Units Sold!


Once again, we've reached a monumental milestone—4 million units of the HK GAMING GK61 have now been sold! Your continued support and enthusiasm make this possible, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Global Reach

The GK61 has been sold in over 100 countries, illustrating its universal appeal and outstanding performance. Our community's diversity is a source of pride and inspiration for us.

A Year of Recovery

As the world gradually moves towards post-pandemic normalcy, the sustained demand for the GK61 shows its lasting appeal. We are grateful that our product could offer comfort and functionality in both trying and better times.

Continuous Improvement

It's essential to acknowledge that milestones aren't just about numbers; they're about the lessons learned and the improvements made. We are committed to further refining the GK61 to meet your needs.

Thank You!

We owe this milestone to our loyal customers and passionate community. Thank you for making the GK61 the success it is today!


We eagerly await the journey ahead and are thrilled to have you with us every step of the way. Here's to many more milestones!

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