Do You Want to Thock? The Quest for the Perfect Sound

Do You Want to Thock? The Quest for the Perfect Sound


If you're in the mechanical keyboard community, you've likely heard the term 'thock.' A thock is the unique sound produced when a keycap is pressed and rebounds—a satisfying, deep sound that many keyboard enthusiasts seek. In this article, we delve into the elusive world of thocking. Do you want to thock? Read on!

The Anatomy of a Thock

A thock is a combination of several factors—keycap material, thickness, switch type, and even the keyboard's build quality. But what gives a thock its signature sound?

The Role of Thickness

Thicker keycaps often produce a deeper, more resonant thock sound. The choice between ABS and PBT can also influence your thock.

The Switch Factor

Switches like Cherry MX Brown and MX Black are known to produce a more pronounced thock, particularly when paired with the right keycaps.

Customization for the Perfect Thock

From lubing switches to using dampening rings, there are multiple ways to customize your keyboard in pursuit of the perfect thock.


The search for the perfect thock is a journey full of experimentation and customization. From choosing the right keycaps to selecting the perfect switches, each element plays a crucial role. So, do you want to thock?

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